Monday, 31 August 2015

We made delicious fraction Pizza 

Yesterday we made delicious fraction pizzas. Room 21 have been learning about fractions in math so Miss Barber decided to surprise us with a fraction pizza making afternoon. We had to follow her instructions to create our pizza. Miss Barber put us into two's and three's and asked us to follow her instructions. We had to put tomato paste on two halves of the pizza base. We then had to place onion on 1/2 of the pizza and on the other 1/2 we had to put tomato. On 1/4 of the pizza we had to place shaved ham and on the 3/4 we had to place pineapple. To finish our pizza we had to cover the whole pizza with cheese. The looked delicious and smelt amazing when Miss Barber cooked them for us. We got to take our pizza home to share with our family. 

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