Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Baby chicks

Today room 21 visited room 3 to see their baby chicks. While we were watching carefully and learning about them we saw a baby chick hatch out of it's egg. It was amazing!!  

Monday, 31 August 2015

We made delicious fraction Pizza 

Yesterday we made delicious fraction pizzas. Room 21 have been learning about fractions in math so Miss Barber decided to surprise us with a fraction pizza making afternoon. We had to follow her instructions to create our pizza. Miss Barber put us into two's and three's and asked us to follow her instructions. We had to put tomato paste on two halves of the pizza base. We then had to place onion on 1/2 of the pizza and on the other 1/2 we had to put tomato. On 1/4 of the pizza we had to place shaved ham and on the 3/4 we had to place pineapple. To finish our pizza we had to cover the whole pizza with cheese. The looked delicious and smelt amazing when Miss Barber cooked them for us. We got to take our pizza home to share with our family. 

Room 21 are fantastic writers

Today we wrote about the secret life of our teacher Miss Barber. We wrote about what we think Miss Barber does when she is not teaching us. We used lots of adjectives and exciting verbs to make our writing exciting. It was lots of fun sharing our amazing writing with each other and Miss Barber. Miss Barber thinks we are wonderful writers.  

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Our visit from the fire engine 

Today the fire engine came to visit Sunnyhills School. The fire fighters showed us all the amazing things the fire truck has and can can do to save people and put out fires. Room 21 was super lucky and got to walk through the enormous fire engine and see what it was like inside a real fire engine. Did you know that a fire engine has a ladder on top of it that is tall enough to reach up to a second story window!! 

Are you firewise?

The junior syndicate had a very special visit from fireman Matt. He taught us how to keep ourselves safe if there is a fire. We learnt a lot about fire safety and what we must do if there is a fire in our home. Have you practiced getting out if there is a fire? Remember you must get down, get low and get out fast. 

Monday, 24 August 2015

We grew our own vegetables!

Room 21 are amazing gardeners.We grew our own spinach, beetroot, lettuce and radish.  To grow your very own vegetables you must follow a few easy steps. First place your soil in a pot, then you make three little finger holes to put your tiny seeds in, then cover the seeds with the soil and water it (not to much water as you don't drown the seeds). We then placed our pots in our very own green house in the direct sunlight (remember seeds need sunlight to germinate). Every day we watered them and observed what happened. Can you see what happened to our seeds? It was so exciting!! 

Room 21 loves sharing their learning with our buddy class. 

Our buddy class shared their story of The Tortoise And The Hare with us using the dioramas they had created and stories they had written. They were amazing,.